18 Days til Charlotte (well, actually 16 for me)

As I begin to write this post, it’s 18 days, 7 hours and 20 minutes until the convention begins in Charlotte (Sept 2).

I’m heading out to Charlotte on August 31, then driving about an hour to Chester, SC for a little bit of family history/research.  The closer I get to this day, the more nervous I get.  I’m re-learning some of the history of the Crank family and curious to know why there is such a large concentration of African American Cranks in this county.  I’m started communicating with one family member (though I don’t know our exact connection yet) and look forward to meeting him and others during my short visit.

Again, the schedule of events continues to take shape.  Delegate registration begins Monday (9/3), but there are limited pre-registration times available for those of us coming in early.  There is a welcome event for the California Delegates early Sunday evening, and various caucus and council meetings begin on Monday at the convention center: African American Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, Ethnic Council, AAPI Caucus, Native American Caucus, Faith Council, Youth Council, Disability Caucus, Veterans & Military Families Council.

Also on Monday, there is something called the CarolinaFest: http://charlottein2012.com/carolinafest2012/

Sounds like a party!

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