Road to the DNC: Speakers abound!

As we inch closer to the convention in Charlotte, we’re learning more about who is slated to speak throughout the time we will be there.  I’m always happy to hear from Kamala Harris, who I first met while she was still the DA for San Francisco.  She’s one of the most personable politicians I’ve met, and I haven’t seen this change in her as she rises to the top.


A list of speakers can be found here:

As a delegate, I’m also beginning to receive email and letters from various groups and organizations that will be at the convention asking for support on their platforms.  So far, I’ve heard from NARAL asking that I pledge to be a pro-choice delegate, among others.  The convention schedule is chock full of meetings and events to attend, not including the other events/meetings/parties that will happen throughout Charlotte.  I’m heeding the advice to wear tennis shoes everywhere because much walking will be done.

I’m contemplating attending a platform meeting to learn more of the nuts and bolts of certain pieces of legislation.  The closer the convention gets, the more I realize I will be more of a student than a casual observer…which is not a bad thing.

Can’t believe I’m leaving in 10 days.

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