DNC Prep Time

In about 73 hours, I’ll be headed to SFO to start my trip to Charlotte.

This week, I’m finding myself making schedule changes and adjustments, which I hoped wouldn’t be necessary.  I didn’t want to necessarily RSVP to dinners and events in hoping I could go with the flow and not be tied down my commitments.  However, I realize that would be near impossible, as every event will have limited space/seating.  It completely makes sense, so I can’t really complain. Still, I hope to maintain some level of flexibility so I can do spur of the moment things.

One event I am looking forward to is this luncheon next Wednesday.

Also, since there will be a sea of people in Charlotte,I wanted to stand out a bit, so some of my fellow CD-18 delegates and I had these shirts made up (with our respective names/cities).


One nice surprise I received in the mail this week was a present from the DNC: airport transfers.  I completely was not thinking about this at all, and nice to know that I don’t have to now.



I’m also taking time to update and consolidate my “technology” for the trip.  Taking an iPad with me instead of a laptop so I can do quick updates during the trip.  I need to practice use of the camera and video functions and their ease of use with the WordPress app.

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