Sifting through convention speeches

Though I don’t leave for the DNC until tomorrow, I feel like I’m already on delegate duty.  I’ve taken time to listen to some of the RNC speeches this week, with Mitt Romney’s speech coming tonight.   Actually, let me be more accurate: I’ve listened to the beginning of the speeches to catch the tone of the speaker, but once the name calling starts, I tune out.  I then rely on NPR for the written transcripts so I can read what was said.

It’s a bit disappointing when half-truths are spoken and sound bites are used out of context.  As a former aspiring journalism student, I’m reminded why I decided to veer from this career path.  I have remained, however, a fan of fact checking.  Fact checking articles tend to be the ones I read most.

I will approach the speeches at the DNC the same way.  I’ll try my best to mute out the name calling and extreme views by the few delegates that will feel the need to communicate this way.  I plan on breaking all of this down for myself (and you, my lovely readers) once I come back from the DNC and make some side-by-side comparisons.



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