Escape from SFO

I knew that today would be a long travel day but I was even surprised how long it took just to get out of the airport. After several delays where the crew went missing but then found on a flight that hadn’t arrived yet, plus the fog, the flight ended up leaving more than 2 1/2 hours late. If anything cool happened it was the fact that Kamala Harris was also on my flight.

We arrived local time at 11:30 PM here in Charlotte. Every thing was closed. Restaurants, cafés, just about everything except for the car rental places. After an interesting exchange with the car rental agent, I finally arrived at Alamo rent a car to receive my vehicle: the exact same car I drive at home. Even the same color, black. At least I didn’t have to worry about a learning curve driving are driving a rental in an unfamiliar city in pitch darkness.

Check into my temporary hotel, I switch to the California delegate one tomorrow, and asked the agent is there any possibility for food. My dinner as you can see from the photo is a cup of soup. Tastes okay. Remember it’s nearly 12:30am.

One other thing I noted that I thought was pretty cool what’s the water fountain in the airport. You should see a photo of it. I like that it has a water bottle figure we could put the bottle next to it to fill it up. Do we have these in California?






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