The calm before the storm

The first half of the day was spent visiting with friends here in Charlotte and I got to know when I was in Mountain View. It was some great quality time to be able to see people who helped me become situated in Mountain View in the first place.

After visiting their home and having a leisurely lunch we headed back to the hotel where I could meet up with some of my fellow delegates.

I was invited to have dinner with union members from UFCW. I was able to meet delegates from Michigan New York and Chicago.

Before heading out to dinner California state controller John Chiang greeted us in the lobby and spent a few minutes talking with us as well as taking photos.

Dinner was a delicious success at the Palm restaurant. One of the highlights for me was a surprise visit at the dinner by DNC Executive Director Patrick Gaspard.

After returning back to the hotel other notable California delegates checked in, including San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and attorney Gloria Allred.

Shortly after a few more delicate friends of mine arrived. Jill Chesler and Javier Gonzalez just to name a few. After a celebratory drink in the bar I called it a night because I knew that tomorrow, Monday, would be a full day.






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