No shuttles for CA delegates

Sadly the only thing that’s been constant the past two days for our delegation is the lack of shuttle service. While the convention center isn’t completely super far away, maybe six long blocks, it is a hot and humid 6 long walks with a lots of blockages between streets and buildings.

Yesterday, I didn’t even bother to try and wait for shadow though I later found out none showed up. This morning, delegates are trying to get to the convention center for caucus meetings. It has now been at least 45 minutes with delegates waiting and nothing has shown up. One bus did come but continued past us and went to the block further down but no one knew why. A DNC volunteer later came to tell us that though she didn’t know what’s happening either they were working to fix it. Blame is being put on our hotel, which notably has been having a lot of issues and not making any delegates happy.

While on a whole we are enjoying Charlotte and the hospitality, our service at the Blake hotel has been anything but nice. I hate to see what the yelp and Travelocity reviews will be once the several hundred delegation return home to write about it.

In the meantime I really hope the shuttle situation improves. It will be a great shame to think that the one obstacle we had as delegates was the inability to not get to where we need to go.


By aliciainedmonds Posted in General

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