DNC Wednesday: A call to arms

If Tuesday was about empowerment, Wednesday was a call to arms. The biggest topics of the evening included the automotive industry, immigration and the war in the middle class. I’m not sure if people at home can see the videos played between sets of speakers (probably are commercial breaks), but the people putting these videos together and making effective product.

The day was a bit overshadowed with the news of the change in venue for Thursday (I’ve addressed that in an earlier post), but the mood rebounded by seeing many high level political figures roaming about and being a lot more personable than I expected. Thousands of people want their attention at the strangest moments, like standing in line for the restroom or as they’re already joking between mobs of others. Yet, I haven’t seen any real irritation from them. I’d say the MVP in all this in Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. Maybe his days in the NBA prepped him for such an occasion. The man could barely get two steps going before another group of people stopped and asked for photos. His handlers were clearly stressing about keeping him moving along.

Many speakers at the DNC on Wednesday were from California. Lots of energy and pride from our delegation. Our group also is seated bay one of the closest entry/exits of the arena, so a lot of national notables passed out way, including John Kerry.

In the busyness of the day, many of us didn’t know or learn about the “God”/Jerusalem situation with the platform committee. Hopefully this will be directly addressed sometime today.

Celebrity was in the air. Many were in VIP sections above the convention floor. Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame sat with our delegation for awhile. Not sure if he was a delegate, guest of delegate or what. The real celebrity sightings happened at the afterparty events, but I skipped out on this and chose sleep instead.

Text messages and tweets flooded in around 9pm with rumors that the president would be arriving. The rumors proved to be true, and just his sheer presence on stage was enough to temporarily curb the fatigue we were all having after such a long day.

I admit I have a gripe about the auto industry segment. Detroit is constantly mentioned, but no one representing Detroit was on stage or there to address the crowd. I like Ohio and all, but still. It would be like having a segment on the startup industry and having someone from Phoenix talk about their experience instead of someone from the Bay Area. Just saying.

Though I chose to come back to the hotel instead of partying, I still managed to get celebrity time in. As soon as I sat at the bar for a quick bite to eat, MC Hammer walks in with legislator Mark Leno. After chatting and a quick photo, they went about discussing politics. Between seeing that and learning that Mayor Ed Lee invited him to convention, I’m thinking they are trying to get zmr. Stanley Burrell (Hammer) to dip into local politics. Mark my words.

Thursday is the last day and the biggest one of the convention. I’m sure there will be more protests, more disgruntled speak about the venue change, more energy from delegates, more craziness from pundits and less sleep for me. With everything wrapping up around midnight, then celebrations and a 7:30am airline departure, I won’t be seeing sleep again until I’m 30,000 feet in the air.

Lastly, I’ve had a few people ask me why I haven’t slept in or skipped meetings. My answer is that the people that helped me get here financially have invested in the experience of what the DNC has to offer, and I want to honor that. I’ll eventually sleep sometime Sunday evening šŸ™‚

CA Attorney General Kamala Harris

Jesse Jackson crashes Kamala Harris luncheon

MC Hammer, Mayor Ed Lee and Sen. Feinstein

I met celebrity chef Art Smith at LYFE Kitchen pop up!!!!

Banana lady





Fuzzy photo of John Kerry greeting CA delegates


Hello Mr. President


Eric McCormack20120906-113545.jpg

Mark Leno and MC Hammer

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