Faith restored in people

Something happened today at Thursday night DNC that warranted is own post.

During VP Joe Biden’s speech tonight there is a woman who ended up having some type of medical emergency. The paramedics were discreetly called over but after a while it was hard to hide the fact that someone was in need of medical attention.

When other delegates and the press noticed paramedics attending to someone, cameras in the immediate area turned in the direction of the patient. Instantly the delegates that were seated in front of the woman stood and held up their sign so that the media could not record or take pictures of the woman. I was moved by the fact that while people could have been focused squarely on the speech or wanted to put themselves in view of the camera to get on television or video, the delegates decided to protect the identity of the woman and not make her fodder for the press.

I should add that during the course of the afternoon emotions were running pretty high. This is mainly due to the fact that since there was limited seating in the new space for the president’s speech, people were saving seats in a way that was making people pretty crazy. Between saving large blocks of seats for people who would not arrive for hours combined with being in close quarters in Charlotte over the past week, people are pretty tense and ready to go home.

That being said, the fact that those emotions were pushed aside instantly to protect the integrity of a fellow delegate just reminded me that we all know on some level how to take care of each other when the time comes.


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