Long Overdue: Food Trucks in Mountain View

When we live in a time where variety is basic and expected, the food truck revolution has exploded in popularity.  The concept of family, friends and coworkers going to one central place that has something for everyone is both novel and necessary.  Not having to worry about a large gratuity implemented for parties of 6 or 8 is a bonus.  Yes, we love food trucks.

SF, San Jose, Oakland and other cities have worked on embracing this new way of dining.  Mountain View (or should I saw North Santa Clara County) has yet to find a good starting point.  I would love to go to Moveable Feasts in San Jose, but as anyone who lives in this area will tell you, the thought of voluntarily driving in commute traffic to participate isn’t attractive.  So I live vicariously through friends posts on Facebook and Twitter until I can go experience it myself.  So, I was happy to partake in Edgewood Eats.

Edgewood Eats is a great alternative to Moveable Feasts for this area.  For a while, they were able to set up shop in Edgewood Plaza in Palo Alto while the development at the plaza was at a standstill.  Now that is no longer the case, the team has been looking for a new location.  Last week, they convened in the parking lot of First Congregational Church on Louis Road.  Noting that parking was extremely limited, they encouraged people to walk/bike/scooter on over.

Alas, a note came from our friends at Edgewood Eats on their Facebook page this morning that city restraints and neighbor complaints have halted the next gathering indefinitely.  As much as you may want to be upset, you can’t blame the neighbors…much.  A gathering like this needs to be in a space that isn’t inconvenient for both the neighbors and the participants.  That being said, Edgewood Eats should be welcomed in Mountain View.

Why?  I think we have a great area for Edgewood Eats to happen, but would need the participation of the businesses in that area: North Bayshore.  North Bayshore is predominately large to medium sized businesses, and has a significant percentage of the people they’re looking to attract.   It would also be easier, traffic-wise, since you wouldn’t have to worry about being in a largely residential area and there would be opposite traffic flow.  Most people are heading home from North Bayshore, so if the event was held somewhere off of Shoreline Boulevard heading towards Shoreline Amphitheatre, there shouldn’t be a problem driving, biking or walking in.

There is also an opportunity for partnership with some of the North Bayshore eateries, which have vocally complained about the decreasing amount of foot traffic into their restaurants (for various reasons).  Imagine if the food truck night was at a lot in/near some of those restaurants, and a group of folks coming decided to check the place out since someone in their party really wants to sit down somewhere and eat (or want to check out the place because they hadn’t seen it before)?

Another idea:  what about it happening in the expansive parking lot of Shoreline Amphitheatre or somewhere in Shoreline Park?  It could create cross interested in purchasing tickets for shows advertised at the Amphitheatre or having people check out the restaurants, golf and aquatics at the Park? Don’t underestimate the power of community partnership.

I know the Mountain View City Council has ordered a study on having food trucks here, and our code enforcement guy (my buddy Chris Constanzo) has been working hard to create some policy for it.  Businesses in North Bayshore: I implore you to help make Edgewood Eats happen here.

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